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apex duracast

Pick from a large variety of textures available for different conditions and give your wall the perfect look with these texture paints for exterior walls.

apex duracast roughtex

Asian Paints Apex Duracast RoughTex is a textured finish comprising high quality exterior durable acrylic modified resin specially designed as intermediate coating. Its unique textured pattern has a distinctive appeal.


apex duracast dholpurtex

Asian Paints Apex Duracast DholpurTex is a textured finish composed of high quality durable acrylic modified resin specially designed as an intermediate coating. DholpurTex imparts a super premium look to the walls.


apex duracast swirltex

Keeping your walls protected is as important as keeping them pretty. Apex Duracast SwirlTex offers a range of engraved finishes that combine decoration and protection. The synthetic intermediate finish comprises exterior durable acrylic modified resin and quartz.


apex duracast finetex

Asian Paints Apex Duracast FineTex is a modified acrylic, water-based exterior product specially designed as an intermediary coating. It facilitates excellent adhesion of subsequent coats. It offers a unique texture patterns which have a distinctive appeal.


apex duracast pebbletex

Known for its bubble or headcut pattern Apex Duracast PebbleTex is an acrylic, water-based exterior product. It can be sprayed on both exterior and interior wall surfaces.


apex duracast crosstex

An innovative way of doing up your wall is to give it a trowel pattern. Apex Duracast CrossTex is a modified acrylic, silica based product that can used to give a wide range of innovative trowel based patterns for interior and exterior wall surfaces.


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