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Royale Emulsions are perfect if you're looking for something extraordinary. This range of luxury finishes gives your walls a classy makeover while being high on performance.

royale luxury emulsion

Royale Luxury Sheen Emulsion is an exquisite emulsion paint that provides a luxurious finish and a silky glowing appearance to your walls.


royale health shield

Royale Health Shield Luxury Emulsion is equipped with Silver Ion Technology which kills 99% of infection-causing bacteria on the painted surfaces, thus, providing a more hygienic environment at home. This healthy paint also improves indoor air quality by reducing formaldehyde, a source of indoor air pollution.


royale shyne

Luxury has many forms, and one of them is the Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion. A high sheen, washable wall paint with stain-resistant finish ensures walls look new for a long time. The paint’s high gloss and even smoother finish would make you want to stare at it all day.


royale smart clean

Royale Smart Clean is a Luxury interior emulsion with a smooth silk finish. It has been designed specifically for easy stain removal and keeps your walls looking beautiful everyday.