Exterior Wood Finishes from Asian Paints

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Protect your exterior furniture and prevent possible damage to the wood with our range of wood finishes for exteriors.

renner all in one wood finish

Renner All In One Wood Finish (available in 20, 30 & 60 Gloss) is a clear waterborne top coat for exterior high protection. It can be used on wooden surfaces and furniture at seaside resorts, swimming pools, gardens, gazebos, fences, as well as ceiling beams and balconies.


renner exterior top coat (available in 30 & 60 Gloss)

Renner Exterior Top Coat (available in 30 & 60 Gloss) is a clear waterborne top coat for exteriors, and has a conventional air gun application. It can be used on windows, doors, garden furniture, gazebos, and balconies.


asian paints water based exterior top coat

Asian Paints Water Based Exterior Top Coat is an acrylic based wood coating for exterior wooden surfaces with excellent UV Protection. Available in matt & gloss levels at a smart price.


asian paints exterior varnish

Asian Paints Exterior Varnish is a high gloss clear coating, formulated with special polymer which can withstand the natural expansion and contraction of wood. It contains UV stabilisers and heat stabilisers to filter harmful rays from the sun.


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